Posted by: Justin | January 4, 2010

Cleaning Up

My largest endeavor to-date has been the cleaning up of not only my home, but my personal life as well. I’ve finally obtained most of what I need to get going with that.

My goals for the year (which I will start on the first Monday of the year, tomorrow) are as follows:

– Complete the P90 series (P90, P90 Masters, P90X and P90X+); get on a good routine of healthy eating and regular six days a week exercise.

– I want to get started in real estate (started the No Money Down program by Carlton Sheets) and get my first property for profit by this Spring.

– I plan to continue learning web design and start finding ways to get a side income online.

– I will increase my financial and self-improvement education.

– I’m going to read, read and when I think I’ve read enough, read more.

– I will get more into my family tree and as far back on my May line as I can.

– I will obtain level 3 in Chinese Mandarin and Lao (got it in Thai, just need to maintain it). I might as well go for a level 2 in Cantonese while I’m at it.

– I’ll finish up the Spitfire (getting rid of the 72 for the most part and putting it all into a 79, hope Dad won’t be angry, God rest his soul) and get started on the Chevy, if it’s still there.

– I plan to put my online gaming and chatting on hold for the rest of the year until I’ve met my other goals (occasional is ok).

That’s pretty much it. I hope the condo turns out nice. I also need to decide what I want to do. So far I have verbal orders to Monterey, but I’m still leaning towards staying here. Maybe it’s not too late to switch to the learning center up island.

I’m so reluctant to go even though I am somewhat excited about going to teach in Monterey. I wish I knew what was holding me back, some nagging feeling and I’m wondering if it’s my instinct or what telling me to stay (not that there’s anything bad in California, but maybe something more important for me here).

Ok, it’s getting late and time to sleep. I’ll get in a post on my esoteric site tomorrow and start gearing up for weekly updates there until I complete my HTML training.

– Justin



  1. u go to Monterey to teach?

  2. u have me already if you thought the same…
    good plan. i love it

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