Posted by: Justin | March 16, 2010

New Stuff

Today I am getting back on my postings again. I did a few pages over the last few days to show the progress made on the 79 Spitfire. I am going to look into shipping the car to Cali soon and finish my work on her there. I keep feeling bad about chucking the 72 and I am not sure I can do that. I am starting to get an idea and I have a feeling it’s going to lead to more trouble. I may wind up taking her with me to Cali and rebuilding her there. She’s already apart. So, I might as well just do a complete body resto on her and go from there. The frame has recently been blasted and powder coated (few months ago) and the shell is apart, so I think, why not? I’ll have to see what this will set me back, but it may be worth it to me in the end. I can still have something to work on and keep me busy. I need to find a reason to get out too. Maybe I can start this new and organize it better as well.

I also decided to forgo P90X at this time. I just kept injuring myself. I also really need to work on my cardio more. I love P90X, but I want to be in better shape first and then come back to it. You may think I’m crazy, but I really want to try Insanity out. I did the fit test today and it was an eye opener. I thought that wouldn’t be so hard, but even the fit test about kicked my butt.

Other things going on include my upcoming move to Cali and my class on Economic Development in Lesser Developed Countries (for my MA in Educational Leadership). I keep procrastinating and putting things off. I also keep getting sick and behind on stuff. I am not sure what’s wrong. I went to the hospital for abdominal pain a couple of weeks ago and just feel so physically and mentally drained. I am really not looking forward to seeing how far behind I am in my class and the upcoming move itself. I have to worry about where I will live, what to do with the Spitfires, my BMW and where to live when I get there. I also gotta worry about the 1965 Chevy that my dad and grandpa left me. I hope that is still waiting for me.

Well, time for some recovery formula and hope I can start getting back in the swing of things soon. I kept putting off my workouts and blogging and class and other things. Maybe I can finally get the energy back in me and make things happen.

– Justin


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