Posted by: Justin | June 19, 2011

Dragon Speech Editor

Today I thought I would finally try my Dragon Speech editor in WordPress to make a posting with. It is somewhat intuitive although I can see where I need to do a little more tweaking on the program. This is not the newest version either, which will cost me almost $100 to upgrade and that’s with the current owner discount. At any rate I can see how this can be useful because, rather than typing and thinking I can just sit there and talk out loud and have my thoughts immediately go right onto paper so to speak. It is somewhat cumbersome and sometimes it makes some mistakes on what I say and you have to do things like add periods and other punctuation verbally. You also have to be careful and go over what you input thoroughly. Like spell check in Word, the word might be spelled right, but I may not have used the right word or grammar. I think with a little work (what the program calls “training”) it’s going to be worth using. I am wondering if anybody else out there uses Dragon Speech to write their blog postings with, if so I’m curious to find out what they think about it and their results with using the program. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of using Dragon Speech.


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