Posted by: Justin | June 21, 2011

Empty Day

What an empty day it is. Not to say that my day does not have it’s share of work. I also have my planned afternoon workout (P90 Phase I/II Cardio and Abs) and homework to do, but there is still an empty feeling deep within. Going home every day is such a lonely event. I think finally having the divorce over makes it more profound. It’s been many years that I wasn’t with my ex, but now that it’s over I am wondering what the heck do I do next? I also found some photos of my dad today online and I wound up streaming tears like Niagra Falls. I’m glad nobody was in the office to see that. Not having family to be with or talk to, not having friends or people to rely on sucks. Well, at least I have blogging. Maybe one of these days I’ll get up the nerve and venture out to where people congregate and learn some social skills. Who knows.


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