Posted by: Justin | June 23, 2011

Knowing When to Take a Break

Today I decided if a little bit of a break from working out. The main reasons for wanting to take a break are: my lower back muscles were hurting, my stomach has been a little bit upset, and I have not been sleeping well so I have been very tired lately. So today I wound up just watching movies and playing a video game. I know I really wanted to and should work out, however I think that when you’re not really feeling up to it better to just take a break. Tomorrow I am planning to continue with my workout.

Speaking of taking a break, I really need to just lay off the video game playing. There are some other things that I need to lay off of as well. This might wind up giving me that time that I need to concentrate on learning HTML and blogging. I would like to invite anyone else to comment on their experiences with needing to take a break from working out.

P.S.: I am doing this with Dragon Speech editor and it’s working terrible. Maybe because I’m using the laptop microphone instead of the headset. I’ll try that next time and see if it does better. Perhaps I need to train it better to recognize my heavy Southern accent, complete with slurring.


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