Posted by: Justin | July 25, 2011

In Memory of Dad and Grandpa

Today marks the seventh anniversary of the death of my dad. He passed away 25 July, 2004. Exactly four years and four days after my grandfather died. I know my father and my grandfather were not very popular men. My dad was outspoken, a bit of a rebel, and kept to his self mostly. He was shunned by both my mother’s side and his own family, especially after his parents divorced (around when I was four). The only person we really had a lot to do with or had a lot to do with us was Grandpa. Grandpa was highly opinionated and a bit of a conspiracy theorist that believed everyone was out to get something from him. In the end, he left everything to a complete stranger so nobody in the family could have anything but minor trinkets.

They both tended to grate against the nerves of others. No matter their faults, I do still miss them greatly. They were both highly intelligent men and had good family values (though some may argue against that). It was sad when I lost both of them because it meant the loss of pretty much all the family I had. I really miss talking about my military experiences with them and my work on the family tree. I think when they died was when my interest in the family tree and life in general waned.

I personally find that I take well too much after the both my dad and grandpa in a lot of ways. I have my dad’s street smarts, gruffness, down-to-earth attitude, candor and rebelliousness in me. I have my grandpa’s wit, tendency to talk one’s ear off when given the chance, his penchant for pushing people away from him and some of his charm. They both were a bit womanizing (if you call admiring women’s looks from afar womanizing) and they were vocal about it, but never in public, something I seem to have inherited as well. Well, here’s to hoping that I can escape the tragic cycle of loneliness and anti-social behavior that befell my dad and grandpa. I also pray that I too don’t pass away early and alone. God forbid that four years and four days after Grandpa, I too leave this earth. There’s still so much left to do, like have a family and see my own children grow up.


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