Posted by: Justin | May 17, 2013

Hello From Bangkok

Ever gotten tired of doing something or feel bored in general and the only things that interest you are just watching TV or something as equally mind-numbing? That’s me right now. To briefly catch everyone up from the last time I was on my blog, say about a year ago, I was diagnosed with severe depression and was in the twilight of my Naval career. Since then, I got counseling, retired from the Navy, got trained as a master auto detailer, took a college course to be a certified fitness trainer (passed by the skin of my teeth), worked temporarily as a consultant for an oil company (didn’t work out as well as I had hoped when I started) and now I’m taking what I’ve made from that to get my detailing business off the ground. Well, it’s actually a bit below ground at the moment. I’m trying to find enthusiasm to get back into things again. I think if I can get this blog going regularly, not overextend myself and be consistent with the things I have to do, I will be fine.

You may have looked at my title for this post and wonder what it has to do with what I’m talking about. Simply put, I wound up as a consultant for a short time going to Thailand as a Thai speaker and made some decent cash in the process. My end goal was always to support my business back home and I was thinking to get out by the end of the year, but it came sooner than I expected. Honestly, I just wasn’t happy with the work and they were not too happy with my work, compounded with surgery on my knee and sinuses and recovering from depression, I just didn’t have a lot of energy in me and I went into the civilian workforce too soon. I think in the end it is working out for the best and personally I think God was putting it in my heart he wanted me doing my business, not this.

So, I’m currently still in Bangkok waiting for my plane back home.DSCF0389


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