Posted by: Justin | July 4, 2013

Exercising Again

As you may have noticed in my twitter feed, I am back to exercising again. I’ve been sick, traumatized and depressed as hell lately. This week was the week I decided to get back to exercising again (works especially well since the first of the month started on a Monday). I am doing a 90-day Tai Chi program called Tai Cheng, which helps get your body back in alignment and a 30-day program called 10-Minute Trainer. It’s only ten minutes (well 14 if you include the two-minute warm-up and cool-down sessions). All in all, it takes about 40 minutes to do the whole thing if I do them back to back. I’m hoping that the increase in serotonin from exercise will help raise my mood levels and even though things are messed up in my life, I can weather them better. I also hope that it will help with much needed weight loss and improvement in my joints and immune system. I am looking forward to getting over all the pain I feel every day too. So, feel free to give me a push and keep me going with this. Oh and I start my Specialist in Fitness Nutrition course on Monday. I am excited to learn more about eating healthy and being able to use sound nutrition to support my goals.


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