Posted by: Justin | July 17, 2013


I learned a new term recently, “sisu”. Sisu apparently is Finnish for spirit and derives from the fact that the Finnish don’t know how to give up, they don’t complain and they fight to the bitter end. I’ve decided that even though I’m broke, even though I have no family, no friends, no home to go to anymore and I’m severely depressed, I will not complain or give up. Now to see if I still feel this way tomorrow.



  1. Did VFW offer any assistance with the depression? I like this Sisu term, it’s motivating and kind of inspires you to hold yourself to a higher standard! Remember there are those of us out here who like to read your posts and miss it when your humor goes silent. Keep up the hard work and you’ll get to feeling better. My sister felt much the same when she became depressed, and only when she realized it was herself pulling inward instead of others shunning her did she start to feel better. She’s still fighting it, but she’s improving.

  2. I like that word too. Hope your life gets better!

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