Posted by: Justin | October 6, 2013

Where’s Waldo? Erm.. Justin I Mean

Well I am still here. I have been trying different things like meditation to calm down, learn to be positive and not focus on things that get me depressed. So far, it’s been fairly successful. I’ve also found I might have ADD, which accounts for why I can’t seem to stick with things and might be a significant source of my depression. The challenge is to stick with the meditation and get some structure in my life.

I haven’t been focusing on my blog as I’m a little more focused on my detailing business. I have been posting photos there regularly and hope to integrate that with my blog for my business. If anyone is interested and wants to support my business, please go to and like my page. Also, my blog for my business is . Be patient with me as I get things straight one day at a time and back to blogging again on a regular basis.

– Justin


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